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Son of a PaPe

Our Story

Pape has evolved from a biogenetics lab! Scientists have brought to the world “Pape” from mix cross breading an Ape and a Frog. Pape has a hyperactive character and is quite active in nature. He has shown an interest in exotic clothes and outfits and presents itself with different hairstyles and beards, which will help you get to know it’s characteristics much better in the close future.

Pape also happen to exist in another parallel universe with different looks which is also not in pixels!

We have brought Pape to the NFT world, and you can join our mint on the set date to mint one or more Pape NFTs. Whoever owns a pixel Pape will be able to follow the instructions to acquire another Pape in its parallel universe with the higher resolution.

We have very exciting and valued plans and strategies for Pape which they all will be announced in the roadmap. Join us walk this exciting path!

project artworks

Son of a Pape Artworks


Pixel And 2D Artworks

Son of a Pape roadmap show

Road map

A free mint project with high number of attributes
A pixel NFT project that will turn into 2D NFTs
Long-Term project planning on stepping into the Metaverse
The artist team will be solely devoted to this project and promoting animations and videos will be created and worked constantly
With the speed at which this space changes, we aim to adapt and deliver under any conditions. This means our roadmap is flexible with the only constant being the creation of value and a brand you can be proud of.
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